Good enough to eat

Many of my friends are mothers and wives as well as still trying to be themselves, succeed in demanding careers, be a good daughter, sister, friend, a contributing member of the community, to keep up with all the things we must keep up with, to look good, to feel good, to have nice clothes, have great weekends, to drink nice wine but never too much, to eat local and in season food, have a clean and comfortable home… wonder we are so bad tempered. Standing today in our local gym, for what is known to one of my friends (3 kids, full time job) as “the hour of hell” we were drinking coffee whilst our respective offspring were either at tennis lessons, gymnastics, karate or in the case of the youngest ones, playing beside us in the “softplay” area. There were lots of mothers there, all of us doing much the same thing, and none of us eating anything, skinny latte, skinny flat white, skinny capuccino with an extra shot and a green tea (skinniest friend) were duly ordered and of course, nothing at all to eat. Between the 4 of us, 3 have had breast implants and 1 has had an abdominoplasty, the fattest of us (me) is a UK 8 to 10 (US size 4 to 6). All of us were hungry, all of us have had a busy week, all of us could have done with a cake or a bar of chocolate. We all looked on totally miserably at the snacks our children were eating, I stole a raisin from one of the kids and then felt ashamed. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Every pub across the land on a Friday evening is host to lots of men drinking pints and eating crisps, nuts, whatever they want. We stand sipping fat free, huge volumes of caffeine steadfastly resisting the raisins and anxiously looking at our thighs comparing them to the skinnier ones next to us. Despite our efforts to look good, none of us think we look good enough to eat. Madness.

I'll have a super skinny with an extra shot of self denial

I’ll have a super skinny decaf with an extra shot of self denial and secret sweets on the way home


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