In the late nineties I was a huge fan of sex and the city and whilst in some minor ways my life at that time was like those of the fabulous four, it was never quite as Manolotastic as theirs. I could never decide if I was Carrie or Samantha, I didn’t have the clothes or the disposable income to be any of them of course but one of my flat mates was all Charlotte and it was left to me and the other non-Charlotte to fight it out for the top Carrie spot. Other non-Charlotte flatmate had sort of curly hair and was skinnier than me so maybe I was really Miranda.

SATC was always a bit fake though, unlike the marvellous Girls by Lena Dunham. Many of her escapades remind me of the mad and bad things my friends and I got up to and I love it but for different reasons to SATC, I wanted to be Carrie; I am glad I have left my Hannah and Alison days behind. It is painful viewing at times, and worth watching for the good writing and dark humour and not just the way she uses her body, which is like nothing else on TV, she is always unkindly lit, she wears revolting underwear and never holds anything in.  Anyway, much like Hannah in Girls, who believes that she has invented the term “sexit” (a hasty exit after sex) I think I too have a new term for a most unpleasant sensation. Jiggleburn: noun. The pain experienced in wobbly parts which jiggle when running, especially on a cold day.

Not as good as omnishambles from the thick of it, but not a bad word I think and unlike sexit, it is not in the urban dictionary.

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B. Somehow lovelier because it is real.

Exhibit B. Somehow lovelier because it is real.


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