Oh Daddy Pig, you are silly.

Peppa Pig perpetuates negative male stereotypes

We love peppa pig in our house, it is our most watched and  requested tv show. Even my three year old can recognise the words “peppa pig” on the what’s on tv listing. The gist (for those of you who are not subjected to this sort thing)is that peppa and george live with mummy pig (competent, has a job, is able and normal) and daddy pig (architect, overweight and portrayed as a complete buffoon). George is only about 18months old and all he can say is “dinosaur” and his older sister, the eponymous heroine  is a smart arse 4ish year old piglet who has lots of friends and rarely shuts up.

I dislike peppa pig because;

1. There is a subversive message that men are stupid. I think men are a bit stupid but I don’t want my son being told he and his kind are eejits whilst there’s still a chance I can mould him into a perfect man. 
2. Miss Rabbit works too hard, she is the  bus driver, shop worker, midwife etc. 
3. Jumping in muddy puddles, her catch phrase is “everybody loves jumping in muddy puddles”. This  is not acceptable behaviour, not everybody loves it. I think it should be qualified with “when they have their wellingtons on and mummy says it is ok”.  
4. It’s only 4 minutes long, not enough time to dry my  hair, phone someone, etc
5. It’s on the advert channels only and so I must endure “I want that” endlessly whilst waiting for the next one. 
6. They are pretty greedy, even for pigs. 

There is a PhD for someone on the subject of daddy pigs gross ineptitude and what impact this will
have on a generation of little boys.  Mummy pig barely tolerates daddy pig and seems to treat him like a teenager  “oh daddy pig, you are silly” is her constant cry when she isn’t pointing out to her kids how fat daddy’s tummy is.  The poor man is trying his best, he is a kind and good father but mummy pig (who is also on the large side) puts him down all the time. One has to wonder if mummy pig is as demanding and critical in bed.  As much as Mr KBW is a work in progress, I wouldn’t want my children to pick up on that fact. 


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