Women Doctors are to blame for everything, apparently

Are you currently waiting for an outpatient appointment or an operation? Perhaps you are desperate to see your GP? The reason you are waiting is because of the likes of me, yes, part-time women are a burden on the NHS according to Anna Soubry (who? a health minister apparently) and Tory MP Anne McIntosh (another “new to me” person, but then I am a useless part-timer and too busy dossing about to keep up to date). Feel free to read about the whole sorry debate and subsequent furore here, and here and here. It has been somewhat overreacted to by the media.

Anyway, I had the opportunity (due to the fact I work part-time) to listen to Women’s Hour last week and heard Anna Soubry who had supported Anne McIntosh’s frankly mental comment that part time women are a burden and that there are “unintended consequences” of having all these women. Anna Soubry felt it was a “hell of a storm” whipped up by the media and then there was a ridiculous bit of radio when she mentioned how her mum was a radiographer and that she thinks it’s marvellous that women can have babies and work part time….good God woman…it’s 2013. The other medical madame they had invited along was Dr Fiona Cornish the president of the medical women’s federation (I am not a member) who was so marvellously well spoken she made Jenny Murray sound a bit rough. Most GP’s work less than full time, they don’t do 12 sessions like most of my colleagues do; not one of my friends who is a GP (males and females) is doing the hours hospital doctors put in and this point was well made by Dr Cornish. It was a damp squib of an interview (you can listen too) though and could have been far more interesting and lively. The Daily Mail are the voice of unreason as per usual on this, their own Mrs Malaprop Melanie Phillips (who justifies her comments by saying she is a woman who once worked part-time) thinks that the “The dilemma of combining work or a career with motherhood is a difficult one, perhaps even insoluble. But surely it is essential that we should discuss it?” I can assure you Melanie, that we part-time medical women are completely insoluble, unless you try to dissolve us in fits of laughter at the drivel that is published in the Daily Mail.
I have a solution to the problem; stop letting so many hot women into medical school.
Melanie Philips: Unlikely to be chased around the hospital by the few remaining male doctors.

5 thoughts on “Women Doctors are to blame for everything, apparently

  1. Honestly though, I do more in the six hours that I am in the hospital than many hotshots do in eighteen. I do not have the luxury of endless coffee breaks and snoozes in the on call room. Oh yeah…yesterday I was told point blank at a fellowship interview that I would not be considered a suitable candidate as I have young progeny! Good luck to Dr Arse (the consultant) ….the guy who he hired is the laziest fool there ever was/is!! I know…we were co-residents once…

    • That’s insane. You couldn’t say that here, they would be in serious trouble. We have had a lot of female fellows, some with children and one who following the interview an her successful appointment turned round and said she wanted to be part time (4 days) and we said yes. I think a lot of women with children are highly organised and time efficient. The boys I work with start slowing down at 6pm, in no hurry to get home and do baths and bedtime that their wife will do.

      • Well, they can say it here apparently. Going after them for it is too much of a hassle and though not right, I really do not have any energy or time to report them. I do not want to work with such nincompoops anyway. I went ahead and applied elsewhere, a Cleft fellowship that too, where I know for sure being the mother of a ten month old might come in handy some days!

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