What I’d do for a Diet Coke

Oh Gosh, it’s not often I feel like exploding but KBW’s summer holidays are taking their toll. Other people’s children and other nationalities method’s of parenting are wearing me a little thin. I am also struggling with the horribly bad holiday music, no decent chocolate, sand everywhere and the endless daily cycle of soggy swimming costumes and beach towels. The truth is though, it’s the lack of diet coke that’s getting to me. It tastes funny here and I am like a junkie without their fix. I can’t choke this alien diet coke down and have taken to drinking sugar free red bull which at least deals with the caffeine withdrawal. It’s all I can think about. Diet Coke, how I love it, I am dreaming about it. Dreadful gut rot and bad for my teeth undoubtedly but I am an addict. I can’t wait to get my greedy little hands on a can as soon as I land back in the UK. Until then, more sugar free red bull….


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