Don’t get ill today; black Wednesday

Fresh meat.

Fresh meat.

This morning saw a  fresh batch of junior doctors start on the wards. It is joked about and dreaded in equal measure. The reality is that they are pretty well prepared and most of them do fine, give or take a few wobbles. In fact in spite of me experiencing this new doctor scenario 13 times now the only time I can recall in any detail is my own first day. Strangely it is not the difficulty in inserting a cannula, the prescribing errors, wrong diagnoses that I remember from those first few days, it is how I was treated by senior colleagues and nurses.

I do expect that they try their best, that they make the care of their patients their first concern and that they work hard. FY1’s are very well paid compared to other graduates and should be prepared to work long and hard shifts where they will be pushed to meet very challenging situations.

It is very tempting to play naughty tricks on them, much like the culture was when I joined. People were sent to theatre for a long stand, they were asked trick questions, they were bullied, teased and treated like crap.  I know that the little team of new and terrified juniors under my care today will remember how they get treated more than who they treat and so for my part I plan on being a good guy.


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