Difficult time of year

It’s a difficult time of year for deciding what to wear. I have a party today that will be mostly outside (it is 15 degrees) and so it will be rather chilly but it is also quite sunny and as it is early September it is sometimes summer and sometimes early autumn. I can’t decide what to wear, I’ve got a lovely new long sleeved dress which is warm enough but very autumnal or a nice summery dress which means no tights and potentially looking nice but feeling frozen.

The really pathetic thing is that I have been deliberating over this for about a week, it’s truly ridiculous to be preoccupied by such a silly and girly thing. Same problem is coming tomorrow, we are going to a wedding and this time it is the outerwear that is giving me a headache. Too cold for a wrap, not cold enough for a furry black coat….difficult.

How nice that these two things seem like my biggest problems. Reading through Elle magazine recently I was struck by how very serious fashion is. Very intelligent women and men are paid well to reflect on fashion and no wonder, it’s a multi billion dollar business. It doesn’t quite impact on my hospital unfortunately and I keep my thoughts on biker jackets (essential, wonderful, so glad they are still in fashion) and pale pink wool coats (lovely but not for me) to myself. It’s ok to be interested in food and cooking but my net-a-porter obsession has to be kept under wraps in the workplace.

The only clothing it is acceptable to discuss at work is Boden which as my husband said “it’s nice darling but nobody wants to have sex with someone wearing Boden”.



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