Nuclear Power Stations

I had to make an unpopular decision today at work involving moving staff about to cover various duties due to sick leave of a colleague. I have inconvenienced a few people and apologised for this but explained that it had to be done. My decision isn’t particularly grand or important but it is part of having some responsibility that sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.
This is a concept foreign to our own Prime Minister and government, though I can’t lay the blame solely at Dave and Nick’s door. They are slowly, slowly making their way to a low carbon economy; so slowly in fact, it is hard to see it happening, a bit like watching a glacier melt…
The public want and need energy, constantly, loads of it. They do not want coal mining, they don’t want to pay for oil, they don’t want fracking (goodness no) they don’t want nuclear (mainly because of Chernobyl in 1983. Yet the same logic isn’t applied to air travel and Lockerbie) they don’t want wind farms anywhere near them, they don’t want hydro electric (they’ll have to buy it from Scotland), they don’t want solar panels on their roofs. In order to deal with this public disquiet about all sources of energy pissing off at least one group of voters successive governments have spectacularly failed to to address the nations energy needs and have made no plans at all so as to avoid making a difficult decision. Isn’t that what leadership is?
So a deal has been struck with China by two dimwits of astronomical proportions George and Boris and never mind that China is as untransparent as they come and as dodgy (Amnesty keeps a list). How they have decided that this is the best option I don’t know, but presumably they’ve realised that economic reality means deals with China have to be made and chances are by the time these new power stations are contributing to the national grid George and Boris will be in opposition.

“the thing is your super holiness, we know that China hasn’t been very nice to you but they’re so rich we can’t say no”



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