I think Nicole Scherzinger looks amazing, she is the loveliest thing on British TV by a long shot. I willingly overlook her inability (on The X-factor) to say anything negative directly by her odd technique of wrapping every negative comment in sugar sweet southern positivity; “For me you look great, you are great, I love your outfit but the vocal was weak. I love you though”. If she didn’t look so lovely I’d find her annoying, but I don’t; I just want to know what she does to her hair to make it so big and bouncy and wonderful. Maybe if I had hair like her hair, I would be able to give such excellent feedback “You correctly identified the problem, but for me your management of the patient was abysmal and they have nearly bled to death. I love your look though”

I would love, love, love to spend hours bouffing my hair and going to the gym every single day and planning what I was going to wear on Saturday night. This is of course the problem for normal people who work, have kids, have friends, have obligations, do exercise and try and cram far too much into a day- how can I get Scherzinger hair in 15 minutes? I can’t, she can’t, nobody can probably. Women notice good grooming and we admire it and American women are way better at it than us, if you want to have a quick comparison switch between the Bloomberg channel anchorwomen and the BBC news presenters.

When I mentioned to Mr KBW how nice I thought Nicole’s hair was he replied by saying thoughtfully “her hair…..I usually notice her boobs.” I must email Nicole and tell her to save herself the bother because my goodness that woman goes to a lot of bother.



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