Too fashiony for Bighospitalburgh

As regular readers of this blog know, I work in Big Hospital located in a largish city in the UK which we will now refer to as Bighospitalburgh. It’s not the worst city for fashion but it certainly isn’t the best. Annoyingly, despite it being December it isn’t that cold yet and I have yet to break out the serious winter clothing. There is a hat that I am after and so showed a friend and Mr KBW this hat on google expecting them both to love it. Even Rihanna has one and if it’s good enough for the princess of pop I can’t see why it wouldn’t look good on me.
Both of them think it’s far too much for where we live, too fashiony apparently for the dull city we inhabit. Not one to be deterred or indeed to care what anyone thinks about my head gear I am going to make one and wear it and be frosty and fabulous and far too fashiony for Bighospitalburgh.

Look, there’s millions of them. I only want one.


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