Doing the rota

There is no task worse than doing the rota. It is painful and annoying and the only advantage is the ability to accommodate all my own plans and those of my family. Otherwise it is purgatory.

I’ve done the rota for the next 6 months and now the moaners are starting up. There must be a formula for working out the number of complaints and swaps that my colleagues make.

Generally the moaniest moaner is a postgraduate doctor (those who didn’t get in to med school straight after school) newly qualified, who has a boy or girlfriend who is a doctor and a parent who is a doctor. They moan like fuck.

The least moaniest are the oldest doctors, who are married with school age kids, and care about the service and their training.

Sweeping generalisations? Yes. Feel free to moan. Don’t expect me to care.


2 thoughts on “Doing the rota

    • One of them had 7 leave requests for a 6 month period, including having tickets for a rugby match and a day off for a friend’s wedding. I know I am a nasty witch to moan but it isn’t difficult to swap within the rota. Everybody is very obliging and we are all in the same boat. Sorry to moan, I spent four hours on it today and was still in my pyjamas at 1pm having thought it would only take half an hour. Xx

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