Dr James Barry x

One of my WordPress friends has written this lovely post about her recent visit to Tower Bridge where she found out rather a lot about James Barry, who is a heroine of mine, obviously. It looks like a great day out in London, and is as always for Kate a beautifully illustrated and interesting post. Xx

Maison Bentley Style


Last week I was very fortunate to visit The Old Operating Theatre Museum and Herb Garret just by London Bridge with the wonderful Julie from Vintage Attitude.  Hidden away, up a steep spiral staircase and nestled in the dark timbers of the attic of an old church the museum is caught in a sleepy, rather delicious time warp.


It was part of St Thomas’s hospital – a hospital that was described as ancient way back in 1215…


On one side is the herb garret and apothecary. And on the other – the oldest surviving operating theatre in Europe.


What stories these walls could tell.


But what really caught my eye was this picture of James (Miranda) Barry, an amazing woman who overcame the general prohibition on women studying Medicine by disguising herself as a man to become the first female British surgeon.  Barry qualified in Medicine in 1812 and went…

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