I know that medical students and I are not of the same generation. I could be their mother really, some of the youngest are 18 or 19. The reason I know for sure that they and I are completely different is that they use a different language to me. Take for instance the word “like”.

I like running, maltesers, sashimi and sunshine. This is the extent of my usage of the word like. I do not ever use “like” when I mean “perhaps” or “for example” or when I need to pause to arrange my thoughts.

This is a real conversation at what is one of the top medical schools in the UK- you need straight A grades and all the other crap to get in here. Our taxes are funding these little twats.

KBW: can you tell me about Charcot’s triad?
Student: is it like, when you are like, yellow because like, you have jaundice? And is it like, you have jaundice and you’re like yellow and you have abnormal flow? Oh no, I know, it’s like to do with bleeding?
KBW: what are you talking about?
Student: I knew this ages ago, but like I’ve forgotten
KBW: just tell me one cause of obstructive jaundice?
Student: ummmm, hepatitis?
KBW: you can leave the ward round now and go and read your textbook and notes on jaundice.

Oh my fucking god. I could have dealt with it if she had just said I’m sorry I don’t know. Or if she hadn’t been wearing a pair of shorts. The like count was perhaps even higher than I have reproduced here, I was so irritated I may have underrepresented the number of likes.

While I am on my high horse about this can I add in that the word inflamed is spelt as written here, it is not ever inflammed!

I am an old person. It’s official.


8 thoughts on “Like

    • Most of the nurses are lovely but there is the odd one who takes too much interest in what I wear, it’s annoying. Must be crap to wear those god awful uniforms all day though, they don’t even get to wear the nice dresses anymore.

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