Stressed out

These days when I am at work I have a feeling like a big heavy toddler sitting on my chest. It feels like being choked ever so slightly, and makes me want to breathe deeper and swallow a lot. I have a lot of crappy management things to attend to and I find it all so frustrating and annoying that it has now manifested itself into somatic symptoms.

What this means, dear reader, is that I am a fucking crazy person. I am the kind of patient that annoys the shit out of me. How cosmically karmatastic this is that I should be suffering stress induced symptoms. I am a somatiser and I hate myself for it.

None of this stress relates to actually
doing my job, it’s all the extraneous hassles that are causing me to verge on panic symptoms every time I get an email from someone wanting annual
leave. I am properly mad, oh dear. The only thing that seems to help is eating lots and lots of food. Oh dear.

Luckily I am going on holiday soon, and I am going to set up a “I am on holiday and will return to work on blah blah day” ping back email. I am not going to check my email the whole time I am away. Hopefully the almost globus hystericus I am trying to ignore will resolve with a bit of time off.



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