BMA News….from 1963

I know I go on about the same stuff over and over. Today’s BMJ is not particularly annoying, nothing too controversial unless you are in Northern Ireland and have strong views on termination of pregnancy. The accompanying BMA news is however quite annoying. The BMA have a new series of articles about what it is like being married to a medic. “Doctors, do you know what your partners really think of you? Ask them to tell us the best and worst things about living with a medic.” Write to

Can you believe this is of interest? There is some lovely girl in today’s BMA news telling us all about life being married to her wonderful A&E trainee husband who doesn’t “talk in acronyms and seven-syllable words, like some medics we know”. Nothing like alienating your audience!

She is lovely and super sweet and gives an account of life with her husband that wouldn’t be out of place in Chat magazine or The People’s Friend. She clearly adores her husband who works (gasp) 12 hour shifts and then comes home to a house with 2 kids and a wife who try and give him peace so Daddy can study and write papers.

I have nothing against this lovely woman and her lovely life with her husband that she adores but what the fuck are the BMA news editors doing putting this stuff in a magazine for doctors?


Then they have more advice from an F1 on how to make nurses like you if you are a girl junior doctor;
1. Become an expert with the kettle
2. Make sure you watch the length of your skirt hemline
3. Tie your long hair back. “Imagine how annoying it must be to have your long hair scraped back into a bun while the junior doctor’s long blonde locks are flowing” . Imagine indeed, or instead imagine how it must feel to earn a quarter of the money that Dr Goldilocks earns..
4. Bake the odd Victoria sponge
5. Read Heat, OK or Now magazine so you can talk to the nurses.
What a patronising wee cow, I read Heat magazine anyway because I like it, I read The Sun (because I like Dear Deidre) and I talk to the nurses and porters like people because I am a person.

BMA News this is fucking terrible. Am I the only person who reads it? I am going to have to write to you and stop ranting about it here. This is a magazine for doctors, we know how to talk to nurses and get along just great with them and we know what it is like being married to one because we get told by our partners. Cut the damn thing down to one sheet of paper and stop publishing shitty filler pieces. I’m tempted to see if I can get published posing as a dopey wife!


7 thoughts on “BMA News….from 1963

  1. Oh dear, this sounds worse than the cheesy tabloids, can’t believe they write stuff on how to get nurses to like you… Really?!?!?! I think in the future, instead of reading it, use it to line the kitty litter.

    • It’s accompanied by an image of a chopped off blonde pony tail! It’s a piece called “voice box” where anyone can submit an article to have their say. It’s very dated advice. Half of our nurses are men!

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