God for white people

Am I alone in being a little bit disgusted with the male American doctor who has survived Ebola thanks to being evacuated to hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and being managed in a state of the art ITU? “God and prayer saved me” he has just been on the news saying. Yes mate, because God just couldn’t be bothered to save the 1200 other people he has just let die in Africa.

Money saved you. Being a westerner saved you. Your female colleague who was also infected, evacuated and survived has rightly refused to be interviewed about this.


Saved by God

You lot are fucked


20 thoughts on “God for white people

    • A teeny bit harsh KBW. My feeling is that his recovery was multifactorial (ITU & God). Your point is well made though. More people die daily of TB, malaria etc than the total EVER of Ebola

      • When my kids are big I want to do something like that with Medecins sans frontiere. I feel I can’t leave them just now but I will do it when I am needed less by them.

      • Yes! My kids are too little still, too. But it would be so nice to not have to worry about insurance and EHRs patient satisfaction scores and just practice medicine, focusing on actually helping people. Some day soon.

      • You will have all this and more… I come from a a family where everyone works for NGO: MSF, ACF etc. Few are doctors but even when working for MSF, you have targets, you have more politics at play that you can imagine, people complain, people drop out etc etc Working in “the developing world” does not mean that you can only focus on the medicine. Other challenges arise 🙂 Re having small children: actually if you are a surgeon they usually don’t ask for a big time commitment. At least MSF France doesn’t (3-6 weeka is enough and sometimes less). I know in the UK they ask 6 months+ (god only knows why). I was lucky I (illegally) experienced this just because I was living there, spoke the language and had connection. Buy then again I am from there so it might be different for me.

      • It’s not so much the time commitment, more that they need their mummy around constantly. I couldn’t leave them even for 3 weeks just now. I think I need 15 years before I can go and do this sort of thing. The 6 month commitment is a lot I agree. Your family must be very kind and caring.

  1. We see this often in Western medicine. Care has become futile and family members say “god will decide when it’s her time.” But what about the feeding tube or the ventilator or the medicines that make her heart pump? That’s science, not god. I think it’s a wonderful thing that such a giving man has survived and surely his acts of giving are rooted in his faith. However, no matter how strong his faith, he is letting down his entire profession by not acknowledging the role that science (and circumstance) surely played in his recovery.

    • Heels I couldn’t agree more, I thought that he could have used his survival to draw attention to how he survived whilst thousands die thanks to money and healthcare. His love for God sent him there to do such good work but it didn’t haul him out of there onto a ventilator and dialysis machine. An opportunity missed to call for money and aid and to highlight inequality. We are far more secular in the UK but there are plenty of people who see God where I see tazosin and noradrenaline!

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