I like it here

One of my great leaders tells a story of some workaholic boss he knew who liked to ask his trainees what they enjoyed doing in their free time.

Unsuspecting senior registrars would tell him that they like golf, tennis, cooking or reading. “Aye, well, I like it here” he would tersely reply, killing the conversation dead and establishing his surgical superiority over the new registrar.

I like it here too, genuinely I do, I love Bighospital and I love my job. It is awfully nice though to go on holiday and to lie by a pool doing nothing, eating amazing food and drinking nice wine watching yachts come into harbour.


2 thoughts on “I like it here

  1. You weakling! Who needs leave?!
    Just kidding!
    Relax, stop feeling guilty,enjoy!
    We’re all jealous…

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