Make up that lasts all day

This is a seriously girlie post and I apologise for those who are not interested in make up; you may wish to stop here. I am interested in make up, like most women are and I love pottering through duty free and department stores.

Surgical make up has specific requirements (as opposed to mummy make up/weekend make up and special occasion makeup which involves significantly more stuff and effort);

1.It needs to be applied at 6.30am and look exactly the same at 8.30pm without any touch-ups or ever even looking in a mirror during that time.

2. It has to be hard wearing, we sweat, we wear a mask all day, we get hit in the face sometimes with fluids of varying degrees of horribleness.

3. Mascara can’t flake, there is nothing worse than catching sight of yourself in the middle of a ward round looking like a panda eyed drug addict.

4. Lipstick must last all day, must not bleed, must not transfer onto your mask, must not leave stains on coffee cups and must not leave you with that awful look of lip stick round the outside of your lips and nothing in the middle. It should not ever get on your teeth!

5. Don’t ever get caught doing your make up. This is my own insane rule, because I imagine how the nasty nurses (a tiny minority) would just love to catch me preening in the mirror putting on lipstick. I show no weakness in this regard.

6. Night shift makeup. Concealer. Vaseline. That is it. Anything else looks insane at 3am when you’ve been woken from sleep with mascara on your cheeks.

7. Sparkle is a no-no. Surgeons should not shimmer or sparkle at work.

Handily, due to me being at this game for a very long time now I have whittled my make up bag down to the barest of surgical essentials.

These are:

not just for men, for me.

Not just for men, perfect for me.

Skin: I avoid foundation for work as I can’t be bothered with it. However I am a fan in the summer of matching my white SPF protected face to the rest of me and if my arms are brown as they usually are, then I like this stuff. It looks like black slime but a little bit of this blended with moisturiser makes you golden brown all day and doesn’t fade until you wash it off. It’s in the Clinique for men range, it is no nonsense stuff. Unscented and sparkle free.


Glow in a jar

Cheeks: benetint it’s amazing. It gives you a just jumped off your bike glow that lasts all day.

even in bright, slutty red this stuff lasts all day

Even in bright, slutty red this stuff lasts all day

Lips: max factor lipfinity. It really does last until you take it off, which requires a heavy duty remover (Clinique lips and eyes does the job nicely).

the best mascara ever

The best mascara ever, fact.

Mascara: benefit again, “they’re real” mascara. It’s Britain’s best seller for a reason, even on your bottom lashes it lasts all day.

expensive but worth it. Use it to hide bags, redness, darkness, spots, sunburn, contouring...

Expensive but worth it. Use it to hide bags, redness, darkness, spots, sunburn, contouring…

Concealer, for me it will always be Touché Eclat by YSL. There is nothing comes close, shade 2 in pale and interesting winter and shade 3 in the summer. I could not live without it.

So, Clinique, MaxFactor, Benefit..if you’re thinking of a new advertising campaign featuring a real person putting your stuff through it’s paces…I am available!


10 thoughts on “Make up that lasts all day

  1. Yay! Finally! Ha Ha… would love more such “girlie” posts doc! 🙂
    I too had a similar post in mind for today… And touché to every point mentioned above (no. 5 in particular!). The Clinique “Bronzer” sounds very interesting indeed.

    P.S. YSL Touche Eclat and Benetint added to the list!

  2. Honourable mention: Clinique superbalanced makeup foundation. Sticks like nobody’s business, stays matte for hours on end and never makes you look more jaundiced than the Klatskin in bed 10.

    • Yes, that is a great one for exercise too, it lasts well in the gym. Clinique is a popular choice it seems. The woman at the clarins counter once told me to use Clinique makeup and clarins skin care stuff because the Clinique makeup ladies use their clarifying lotion to clean the glass counters, which rather put me off using it! I am currently obsessed and delighted with my buzzy magical face cleaner brush from Clinique, it’s the reason I don’t currently need foundation despite it being deep and miserable winter. Would recommend it wholeheartedly.

      • Must confess I’m rather partial to a bit of sparkle… But showing up in a crop top, six inch heels and body glitter (as our EM registrar did) is probably taking it a bit far!

  3. I love girlie posts! Can I recommend Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer? It is long-lasting and makes skin look luminous. Will check out the mascara as I’m sorely disappointed with what I’ve been using thusfar. Great list.

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