Top Australian surgeon recommends blow jobs for good jobs!?

Top Australian surgeon recommends blow jobs for good jobs!?

“Top surgeon” Gabrielle McMullins has suggested that surgical trainees should acquiesce to requests for sex from senior colleagues to further our careers. I have to wonder about the context of McMullins comment about the “she should have given him a blow job” was she really serious? They must be an ugly bunch over there resorting to blackmail to get sex, there are usually plenty of stupid women chasing after the sleazy male surgeons regardless of what they look like in most UK hospitals. If you’ve ever been to a surgical Christmas night out you will be familiar with the sight.

Australia must be a place where presumably one person has the power to destroy you if you won’t show him your tits, which is not quite how it works here. I don’t believe that a woman in her position tells her trainees to let a man have sex with you if he is your boss for the sake of your career. If I was, or had been her trainee I would feel deeply insulted and humiliated through association with this woman. She has said something very stupid, but she’s a woman with a book to promote who needs some publicity.

I do wonder though, what sort of unpalatable shit she’s had to gulp down over the years to get to the position of “top surgeon” in such a dreadful environment as she describes.

I have to believe that she was joking and wanting to stimulate debate (and book sales) otherwise she has just marked herself as someone not many women will want to work for and as the go to girl for a blow job for every Professor of Surgery she meets.

Surely she is trying to highlight that women in surgery are scared to speak up? I am too scared to speak about the “everyday” sexual harassment, though I hope I would speak up about something more direct. I hate how one colleague pulls my hair, stands too close, holds and moves my arms when he is operating with me or touches my shoulders when I am on the computer. I want to scream at him “get off me you sleazy old git” but I won’t and I can’t and I know other girls find it creepy too.

Shame on me of course because I am contributing to a world where he might one day ask for more from someone else, and she might want to say no, but just like me she’ll just put up with it for the sake of a quiet life and the job. How do you handle these situations? He’s my boss, I know and like his wife, how do I tell him not to do it without making it a big deal? But it is a big deal because he touches me and I don’t like it and it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Perhaps the solution is in McMullins book?

Unlike the myriad of news reports on this I have to believe that she is courting attention and stimulating the debate and her Amazon sales.