Before every theatre list we have a team huddle, the nurses, anaesthetist and us get together to discuss the list. It is a safety briefing distinct from the Surgical Pause that is done immediately prior to the case. 

In it we have a surgical summary, an anaesthetic summary, confirm they have been fasted or are ERAS, allergies, discuss the antibiotic plan, thromboprophylaxis, positioning, equipment etc. 

We (surgeon) go first, summarising the case and plan of the procedure. Nobody interrupts us. Next, the anaesthetist. If my boss is a man, and the anaesthetist is a woman he will now interrupt her. Almost always. 

It’s reaching the point where I am tempted to tape 40 surgical briefings and include 10 male surgeon with female anaesthetist, 10 male surgeons with male anaesthetist, and then do the same with female surgeons and make anaesthetists. My hypothesis is that we (females) don’t interrupt anyone and make any points afterwards and that male surgeons interrupt the anaesthetist.  

Election 2015: plenty of women being interrupted on here too

The boys need to learn some manners. I’m not sure if this project would be publishable or not but it might make for interesting discussion at our joint departmental meetings! 


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