Fantasy Football Medical Politics 

5000 new GP’s are going to be in surgeries near us, really soon apparently. The clever government have decided and pronounced and thus it will be so. 

What utter rubbish, nobody believes this is possible. There was one GP covering Bighospitalburgh this weekend and none in neighbouring DGHville. Apparently this is likely to continue for most of the summer as people take annual leave. Where are these 5000 GP’s? You can’t conjur them up at will or manufacture them. 

Seeing as the government are allowed to make silly wish lists that are pure fantasy, here is my wish list for the NHS. 

1. Thousands of new nurses. 

2. Fair pay for all staff. 

3. Scrap 18 week targets because all operations are not equal. Let us decide on priorities for urgent and non urgent operations. 

4. A management cull. If you have an NHS iPad you are out. 

5. Invest heavily in decent IT services to save money on doing wasteful tests and wasting time. 

6. Improved meals for patients. You eat better on a plane. 

7. Streamline the referral process  from hospital to social work and remove the delay in getting nursing home places. 

8. Do something to motivate and invigorate most of the staff in the NHS. Most of them are bored and lethargic and need to find their inner medical or nursing student again, that young, hopeful person who was desperate to be where we all are now. 

9. For government to realise that emergency care (not the length of wait in A&E) is more important than elective waiting times and prioritise it’s delivery. 

10. Give general practice a break, 7 day working is not the answer to what is wrong with the NHS. 


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