Being a good guy

Most people get a job in a Big hospital because they are appointable and lucky to be finishing when the job came up, not because they are better than everyone else. In fact, I can think of many below average surgeons with above average jobs. 

Picking a consultant colleague is difficult, it’s hard to get rid of someone once you’ve employed them and much like a spouse, they’re at risk of changing once they have that ring on their finger. 

In order to help you appoint only good guys to your team I would suggest doing away with the regular interview questions  and instead using my questionnaire below. 

1. Your theatre nurse who you know well has a contraceptive implant under her arm that she wants removed. She can’t get an appointment at the local family planning clinic for 3 months and her GP who inserted it isn’t trained to remove it. Your list finishes early and she asks you to take it out. It will take you 5 minutes. What do you do? 

2. An anaesthetic nurse with Crohn’s disease says that they are tired and have abdominal pain, they ask if you’ll check their bloods to save them a trip to the GP. Yes or no? 

3. A colleague has a huge, painful abscess that needs draining. They come to you to ask for help, do you send them to their GP and get them referred or admit them for theatre? 

4. Your senior specialist nurse has had a cough for 6 weeks and lost some weight. You tell her she should maybe have a chest X-Ray, and she asks you to arrange one for her. Yes or No? 

5. A porter tells you he has a new onset bad back and oddly enough was catheterised by A&E two nights ago as he became acutely incontinent of urine. He needs an urgent MRI, do you head along to radiology to arrange it or send him back to the emergency department for a proper review? 

There is a right answer to these that isn’t the same thing as doing the right thing. The right thing is the wrong answer. What you’d really do and what you should do are also not the same thing.

Are you a good guy or a wank?

Hunt: not a good guy


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