Spot on John Humphrys; that’s how I feel too

The lovely, clever and doggedly determined John Humphrys is the man who wakes me up in the morning. I was sad to read in yesterday’s Sunday Times that he is contemplating retiring soon, although the rest of the Today programme presenters are also first class and I enjoy listening to them all. I like to imagine that if I met them in the pub I would get to hang out with them and join in their clever and amusing chat; they would probably not want to hang out with me though, when they discovered I couldn’t define Keynesian economics and sometimes get muddled between gross and net pay.

Anyway, John Humphrys is quoted as saying;

“Sometimes the programme they present you with at 4am is just absolutely brilliant and you think, ‘Wow’. But mostly it’s not. So you have a moan and a whinge and then after half an hour you think, ‘Actually, I am bloody lucky doing this’. Most mornings at some point I think ‘God this is fun’. Don’t tell them but I would do it for nothing.”

And that is what my job is like, that is what other people don’t get when they say to me “I don’t know why anyone would be a doctor nowadays”. Good, I am glad you don’t, it is because it is often the most marvellous fun.


Some of the Today show presenters, which I think my work colleagues are a bit like, but we know about surgery… as opposed to knowing about everything. 



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