Men: desist from this thing immediately please

Imagine the scene, you’re sitting listening to a speaker opine on a topic and when they reach their concluding slide instead of a great slide summing up their message they have a picture of their children. Pause for us all to admire Thomas and Em’s extreme cuteness. Then they make some annoying reference to their progeny being way smarter than they are or some other shitey humble brag. 

A certain subset of men then make reference to their amazing wife (a stay at home mum) who keeps them in clean shirts and feeds everyone. I don’t know how she does it! 

I feel the more kids they have the more likely they are to mention it. 

Why do they do this? Women don’t. Is it to brag about their overall successfulness? “not only have I conducted a randomised controlled trial but I have fathered three children”? It’s vile. If I ever get to the point where I am important enough to be chairing meetings I’ll start telling the offenders that it is pathetic. 

Take the slide of your kids out. Don’t ever make reference to them again in a talk. Nobody cares about your children. 


9 thoughts on “Men: desist from this thing immediately please

  1. One of ours always has a photo of himself, shirtless, with a great big whopper of a fish that he caught on some trip at the end of his talks. Completely relevant to ‘The role surgery in inflammatory bowel disease’, amirite?

  2. Nice names you chose there, KBW!

    Incidentally I remember when speakers used to fill in the blank slides on a double projector lecture (I know, you’re too young) with pics of girls in bikinis. You should be grateful it’s just a family snap (which I have never done, for the record).

  3. I always suspect they do it because (a) they think it makes them sound human and (b) it’s almost the only time they think about the kids. And the wife.

    Do you get the sense that they don’t score any points with me?

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