KBW’s need to know


This is a series of posts that are on basic surgical knowledge and surgical principles. 

I have also included some weird and wonderful signs

Chewing gum to prevent ileus and complications

Surgical Makeup

Rizzo’s Rule

Should you do a higher degree? 

medical students: how to survive a surgical attachment

Whipple’s Operation

Hamman’s sign: crepitus heard on auscultation of the heart beat in symphony with them indicating mediastinal air (heard following perforation of the body of the oesophagus).

Cowden’s PTEN 10q22.
GI Hamartomas, breast cancer, thyroid, cervix and uterus

Turners Syndrome X monosomy, absence of other X. Barr body.
Bicuspid aortic valve, coarctation aorta, webbed neck

Fragile X
Big testes, long narrow face, learning difficulties.

Lesch Nyan
X linked. Presents in babies. Deficiency of phosphoribosyltrnasferase. Uric acid build up.

Plummer Vinson/Patterson brown kelly
Oesophageal web, fe def anaemia,

P53 sarcoma versar leukamia adrenal.

Poland syndrome
Absent pec major and breast.

Paget Schroetter
Thrombosis of ax vein or subclavian

May Thurner
Right common iliac artery presses on left CIV causing thrombosis.

Impotence, buttock claudication, absent femorals.

Osler Weber Rendu (HHT)
Autosomal dominant. Telangectasia, bleeding.

Sturge Weber
Port wine, glaucoma, leptomeningeal angioma, mental retardation,

Peutz Jehgers
Hamartomas. Freckles.


itz Hugh Curtis
PID usually chlmaydia causes perihepatic adhesions and pain
Kassabach Merritt
In a giant liver haemangioma, get sequestration of platelets and thrombocytopenia.

Budd Chiari
Hepatic vein thrombosis

Von Hippel Lindau
Autosomal dominant.
Clear cell renal ca, occular angiomas, pancreas, haemangioblastomas

Verner Morrison
VIPoma non beta islet cells of pancreas

Macklers triad
Vomiting, crepitus, chest pain in Perf oesophagus

Cowies sign
Fem pulse is decreased in presence of persistent sciatic artery.



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