New Year Resolutions

My 6 year old has been told by his teacher today that he has to make a new year resolution. I have suggested a long list; eat your vegetables, don’t leave clothes on the floor, wash your bike after you’ve been out playing, tidy up the Lego before I have to shout, try something new once a week (vegetables)…unsurprisingly he isn’t keen on any of my suggestions. We have spent the last 40 minutes doing his homework (he has forgotten how to do homework it would seem in the holidays and what usually takes 20 minutes dragged on and on today) so he has now concluded that his resolution is to play more. Good for him, clever little man, he does swimming and tennis lessons and school but otherwise will spend all his time playing, I don’t think that this is what his teacher wants to hear so perhaps we will have to discuss things again tomorrow morning.

I was one of those little girls who couldn’t wait to grow up, I was always desperate to be older than I was and was rushed through my childhood as though it was something inconvenient. At 10 I had numerous household chores and responsibilities, mainly helping my mother prepare and clear up meals, at 12 I had an egg round (I made 1p per egg) and at 14 was out waitressing and washing dishes for £2.50 an hour. I am not yet sure if I will make my own children do so much around the house or indeed let them have a job whilst still at school. Mr KBW did not have the same experience as a child and he is appalled at the idea of 10 year olds clearing and setting tables and cleaning the bathroom. He feels they should be engaged in worthwhile activities and not be tasked with responsibilities like this at home or allowed to earn their own money out in the real world.

I don’t really do resolutions and the calendar new year never seems particularly new and fresh to me, instead the start of the academic year always marks the beginning of a year in my mind. However to all those turning over a new leaf in 2014 good luck and best wishes, I don’t think you’ll find an easier resolution to follow than my son’s, we should all play more.